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    Qingdao Orien Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Qingdao Orien Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Qingdao Shunde Group. It is one of the earliest specialized companies in China to produce plastic machinery. It is the leader of the national 11-year five-year plan supporting plan plastics research group, Qingdao high-tech enterprise, Qingdao private enterprise. The top 50 technology, Qingdao AAA credit enterprise, Shandong famous trademark, Chinese patent star enterprise, the company has won more than 40 patents, including 12 domestic invention patents, 2 international invention patents, and 4 products have been national technology. The Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine have identified them as “national key products”. Three products have received the National Innovation Fund and one has been listed as a national support plan.


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